The YAYO NFT Collection is a tribute to the vehicles, equipment, and aesthetics of various figures both real and fictional which embody the principles of YAYO and have captivated young men throughout the decades.

The YAYO Man is an archetypal figure which exists as an expression of power, violence, masculinity, luxury, and speed. He embodies many different forms which encapsulate the fantasies of men since they were little boys, ranging from the cowboy to the astronaut. Every YAYO Man has a vehicle, a piece of equipment, an outfit, and a background. Each vehicle and weapon are real-world accurate down to brand, make, and model. The YAYO NFT is a digital action figure, one which exists by the principles of the YAYO Corporation.

YAYO Bridge: Canto -> Ethereum

Connect Wallet

YAYO is moving off Canto and onto Ethereum. Use this bridge to move your YAYO NFTs.


1: "Connect Wallet" and switch to the Canto network if you haven't already.

2: Click the "Bridge" button.

3: Confirm the prompt allowing permission to transfer your YAYO NFTs and wait for the transaction to complete.

4: Confirm the second prompt approving the YAYO NFT transfer.

5: When the transaction is confirmed successfully, switch to Ethereum Mainnet in your wallet.

6: Click on "Claim ETH YAYO NFTs" and click the "Claim" button.

7: Confirm the prompt and wait for the transaction to approve.

8: Your YAYO NFTs are now on Ethereum! A world of wealth, power, and prestige awaits you.

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