The first PowerCoin on the Matic Network.

Pre-Sale Has Completed

Pre-Sale has concluded days ahead of schedule, meeting the hard cap of ~$500,000 USD. YAYO is now LIVE for trading on QuickSwap. Make sure to collect your YAYO:

New opportunities to come, including YAYO Airdrops. All will be delivered by email, enroll to stay in the game:

Meet the PowerCoin®

YAYO is the blood diamond of the post-Ethereum world, with perfected tokenomics and radical positioning.

The Bullcase:

Profiting from YAYO is the easiest challenge in investment history. Are you ready for your Next Big Score?

Why Matic?

One word: Ethereum Killer®

Near-zero gas fees

Instant Transfers

DeFi Ready

There's a reason Matic was the only platform to pump when everyone else crashed this May.

Matic is the Layer 2 sidechain Ethereum has been waiting for, and YAYO is its first coin primed to take off.

Pure Finance® Tokenomics

Proven Tokenomics, done better than anyone else.

It's simple:
Like a membership card to the winners' club,
YAYO makes you richer just by holding it.


Every time a transaction is completed, 2.5% is redistributed to all holders.

Watch your holdings go up every minute.

Deflationary Supply

Supply is fixed at 69,000,000 and 50% is burned at launch.

No new coins will ever be minted.


With every transaction, 2.5% is burned forever.

The supply will always go down, driving value up.

"Study the Fundamentals or Die Trying."

John Lemaire
President of Planetary Sales
Yayo Corp, LLC

Audit Report®

Investor security is paramount at Yayo Corp, LLC.

We've taken every step to ensure a Secure and Safe launch:

  1. Public ILO Pre-Sale with funds delivered directly to a one-year Liquidity Locker managed by Unicrypt.

  2. Founder's Shares delivered to a Unicrypt managed Vesting Locker on a one-year schedule.

  3. Anti-rugpull mechanism that prevents any single transaction larger than 1% of supply.

  4. Fully independent, decentralized contract. Contract has been renounced. No external call functions allow room for exploit.

Our philosophy?
Secure the fundamentals to minimize risk.

Post-launch, the contract runs itself.

Full transparency:

Read the White Paper®

Anyone can play the Game.
You gotta Learn it to Win it.

Yayo Coin, LLC

There are secrets in here
that would take a lifetime
to recover from.

"Welcome to Yayo Corp®. May I Make You Money?"

Reynold Johnson
President of Power Business
Yayo Corp, LLC

Questions & Answers

1. Why Call It "Yayo"?

John Lemaire:
"Cocaine is biological capitalism, the purest expression of consumption-reward cycle, and the progenitor of industrious abundance. We perform a conscious invocation of its aesthetic energy as a ritual towards immense Market Power. Do you get it now?"

2. Price Target?

Reynold Johnson:
"The Team must keep all energy focused on the One Billion Dollar Market Cap. We will surpass the global cocaine market and cause a metaphorical-material displacement, reversing the CIA supply chain and thereby channeling the GDP of a small country onto our Balance Sheets. Believe in The Mission."

3. Why Launch Now? The market just crashed!

John Lemaire:
"When the market zigs? You zag. Fortunes aren't made in the pump, they're made in positioning yourself between them. Blood in the streets means there's blood for the taking. If you don't want it, I'll eat it right off your plate, Buddy. If you don't have what it takes to grab this Bull by the horns? Get out of my office."

4. How Do You Respond To The Allegations?

Alan Marant:
"Here at Yayo Corp, we outsource morality to Legal. No further questions at this time."

What are the People saying?




"The Road Forward" Report®

Study the milestones, straight from the Board of Investors:

Q1: Immediate Q2: Next Steps Q3: Near-Future Q4: The Future
Initial Liquidity Offering Smart contract audit NFT-based Merch Shop Miami Beach Yayo Convention
Primary DEX listing Universal DEX listings Pit Viper x YAYO Collab $YOYO and $YEYE Minigame Coins
Viral Public Airdrop Integrate with Polygon/Matic’s Dapp Ecosystem Sponsor a live Bull-match Official $YAYO Energy Drink
Initiate Mass Memetic Marketing Launch The Iron Bull Newsletter Achieve $15 Price valuation Achieve Market Cap Target: $1 Billion
Build Referrals Scheme Launch the Player's War Room Achieve Market Cap Target: $100MM Achieve $50 Price Valuation
Achieve $333K in Liquidity Locker Achieve Market Cap target: $10MM    
Achieve $1 Price valuation Achieve $5 Price valuation    

Farming Pool

Yayo Coin, LLC

Autoreinvesting Matic Liquidity Farm

YAYO is positioned with a set-aside farming pool supply, ready to adopt yield farming on Matic.

Allows dual-exposure to Matic and YAYO while stabilizing price and providing volume, along with all the benefits of Matic's L2 DeFi

Nft merch

Yayo Coin, LLC

The First Matic NFT merch shop.

Limited-run physical goods paired with speculative on-chain NFT, bought exclusively with YAYO.

ETH gas fees makes low-cost NFT merch only possible on Matic.

Minigame Contracts

Yayo Coin, LLC

Experimental financial mini-games

Smart contracts as self-contained, abstracted financial markets exploring novel mechanisms, using YAYO as the primary currency.

Very new territory that couldn't be explored on Ethereum due to the gas fees tying significant costs to every action.

"Our Corporate Values? One Million Powerfuck Dollars."

Alan Marant
President of the Network
Yayo Corp, LLC

The Iron Bull Memopad

Oh, I didn't see you there! If you've made it this far, you are a Select Elite. Exclusive financial opportunities await you:

Copyleft © Yayo Corp, LLC, 2021. All rights reversed.

Pre-Sale Details

YAYO Pre-sale is taking place on UniCrypt ending Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 or when the hard cap is reached.

Location: Date: Duration Currency Price: Hard Cap
UniCrypt ILO 5-26-21 12PM PST 7 Days or until Hard Cap MATIC 1 MATIC = 26.4969 YAYO 260,417 MATIC (~$450,000 USD)

YAYO will be pre-sold at 50% of the listing price. This is the only pre-sale that will happen.

Immediately on conclusion of the sale, 95% of pre-sale funds will be delivered directly into a one-year QuickSwap liquidity locker, and YAYO will go live for sale on QuickSwap.

The remaining 5% will be withheld for ILO, marketing & development fees.

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